Acronis Cloud Backup

Cloud Acronis: Data Backup At Your Fingertips

MilesWeb offers Acronis cloud storage, a multi-site, multi-generational, and unparalleled backup solution with the best data recovery capabilities.

  • Acronis Verified Certification
  • Universal Restoration
  • Active 24/7 Monitoring
  • Multi-Grade AES 256 Encryption
  • AI/ML Powered Protection
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Acronis Cloud Backup | MilesWeb India
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Acronis' Quantitative Performance Excellence

MilesWeb helps users get multi-grade backup protection with a possible estimate of Acronis cloud backup usage, backed-up data types, device types, and performance.

Acronis' Quantitative Performance Excellence | MilesWeb India
Data Types Backed Up (40%)

Documents (15%)

System Files (10%)

Applications (5%)

Photos & Videos (10%)

Device Types Backed Up (30%)

Desktops (20%)

Laptops (15%)

Servers (5%)

Business vs. Personal Users (30%)

Businesses (22%)

Personal Users (8%)

Top Acronis Cloud Backup Features

Protected Backup & Quick Restoration | MilesWeb India
Protected Backup & Quick Restoration

MilesWeb offers leading cloud backup plan, "Acronis." It safeguards your data with military-grade encryption and swiftly restores the data with minimal downtime within minutes.

Customizable Recovery Choices | MilesWeb India
Customizable Recovery Choices

Need your whole system back? A single file? No problem! Acronis lets you pick and choose what to restore. Whether it's entire systems, specific files, or others, do it with the ease of the Acronis cyber cloud.

Threat Surveillance and Notifications | MilesWeb India
Threat Surveillance and Notifications

Acronis is a globally adapted backup and recovery solution. With it, you can actively monitor and safeguard for global threats. Moreover, it delivers notifications alerting you to potential threats.

Managed Service Plans | MilesWeb India
Managed Service Plans

MilesWeb, with over a decade of experience, knows what backup needs can arise. Hence we offer Acronis managed service plans, where you can relax and let our experts handle your data safety.

Affordable Plans | MilesWeb India
Affordable Plans

With our Acronis Cloud Backup plans, we offer scalable storage solutions to fit your budget. Thus, you get the best-secured storage that's easy on the wallet without compromising on any of the features.

Fast Recovery and Minimal Downtime | MilesWeb India
Fast Recovery and Minimal Downtime

Acronis cloud backup offers the fastest-in-class restoration with slashed downtime. This saves the valuable time of the users and reduces their total cost of ownership (TCO) with self-service recovery.

A Centralized Vault For Cloud Backup Needs

MilesWeb promotes "Stop cyberattacks for secured success" and offers each user Acronis Cloud Backup with all the essential stacks.

AI-Driven Malware Detection | MilesWeb India
AI-Driven Malware Detection

Acronis safeguards your backups from malicious attacks, all thanks to its AI and ML (artificial intelligence and machine learning) technology. Acronis Cloud offers the smartest solutions with ease.

Multi-Platform Data Security | MilesWeb India
Multi-Platform Data Security

Whether it's Windows, iOS, Mac, or other platforms, Acronis cloud backup services are built for a holistic backup approach. MilesWeb ensures your data across 20+ platforms is protected.

Regulatory Compliance Standards | MilesWeb India
Regulatory Compliance Standards

Data safety adheres to the legal terms and relevant industry regulations, and Acronis plays by the rules. MilesWeb offers Acronis, knowing it follows important data security laws and keeps it safe and legal.

Robust AES 256 Encryption | MilesWeb India
Robust AES 256 Encryption

AES 256 encryption is a super strong lock on your data; even the most determined hackers have a tough time cracking it. The encryption provided by the cloud Acronis backup adds a safe layer against unauthorized access.

Real-Time Human Support | MilesWeb India
Real-Time Human Support

MilesWeb's Acronis cloud backup plans offer round-the-clock human assistance. They have real people available to answer your questions at any time, day or night. Enjoy zero-automated and cycling responses.

200+ Customized Integrations | MilesWeb India
200+ Customized Integrations

Acronis offers a vast library of 200+ integrations for managed service providers (MSPs). If you're a tech whiz helping businesses with backups, then MilesWeb offers this toolbox full of cool gadgets to boost your business.

Expert Managed Cloud Acronis Support 24/7 | MilesWeb India

Expert Managed Cloud Acronis Support 24/7

MilesWeb's Acronis offers advanced 24/7 priority support with the managed service option to simplify your cloud backup experience. You'll benefit from faster response times, ongoing consultations and deployment assistance to get you started.

  • 24/7 Support
  • Priority Help
  • Endless Support Requests
  • Timely Response Evaluation

MilesWeb with Acronis: Your Data Protection Partner

At MilesWeb, we understand the importance of keeping your data safe. That's why we offer Acronis Cyber Protect, a powerful solution that combines cloud expertise and safeguards your data on over 20 platforms, offering a single comprehensive solution.

MicroSoft Exchange Server | MilesWeb India
G-Suite | MilesWeb India
Android | MilesWeb India
Linux | MilesWeb India
Mac OS | MilesWeb India
IOS | MilesWeb India
Oracle | MilesWeb India
VM-Ware | MilesWeb India
Microsoft | MilesWeb India
Microsoft 365 | MilesWeb India
Microsoft Hyper V | MilesWeb India
Windows Server | MilesWeb India
Microsoft SQL Server | MilesWeb India
KVM | MilesWeb India
Citrix | MilesWeb India
Microsoft | MilesWeb India

Acronis' Holistic Cybersecurity Shield

At MilesWeb, we don't just offer backup of your data; we proactively protect it at every stage of its journey with the Acronis cloud.

Detect Attacks | MilesWeb India
Detect Attacks

Acronis proactively identifies vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and devices on your network and automatically ensures that no weak points go unnoticed.

Security Measures | MilesWeb India
Security Measures

We go beyond simple backups. MilesWeb's Acronis backup cloud plans implement best practices in security, system management, and software updates.

Data Guarding | MilesWeb India
Data Guarding

Acronis has a vigilant scanning guard for all potential threats, including malware, ransomware, and other malicious activities, before they cause damage.

Recover | MilesWeb India

While losing your data with Acrnois is virtually impossible, we are still cautious. In the worst-case scenario of data loss, Acronis has the best recovery tools to restore lost data within a few clicks.

Say Yes to Security, No to High Costs | MilesWeb India

Say "Yes" to Security, "No" to High Costs

MilesWeb offers Acronis Cloud Backup, a powerful and affordable solution to ensure that a backup plan fits your unique needs and budget. Moreover, our renowned scalability features allow you to easily scale your backup storage as your data grows and cloud storage helps you avoid unnecessary costs.

Acronis Backup FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

  • Are there any storage limits for Acronis backups on MilesWeb plans?

    MilesWeb offers multiple plans with various storage capacity limitations. Our Acronis cloud backup pricing is affordable, so you can choose the best plan depending on your needs and budget.

  • How long does MilesWeb store my Acronis backups?

    The backup retention duration with our Acronis backups depends on your chosen plan. Contact their sales team or check the plan details to confirm the retention period.

  • Does MilesWeb's Acronis backup to the cloud?

    Yes, all of MilesWeb's Acronis backup plans leverage cloud storage. Hence, all your data is securely stored in your backups off-site, with the highest accessibility even in case of local disasters.

  • How do I change the backup schedule in Acronis?

    To change the backup schedule in Acronis, you need to modify the schedule from the backup management console. Or you can directly reach out to our expert Acronis support team for further guidance.

  • Is Acronis Backup encrypted?

    Absolutely. Acronis Cloud Backup utilizes strong AES 256 encryption, which is an industry-grade method to encrypt your data both in transit and at rest. This adds an extra layer of security.

  • Does Acronis with MilesWeb auto-renew?

    Yes. We offer the auto-renewal method with our Acronis cyber backup services. However, you will still be notified before the expiration of the purchased plan.

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