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Indian Colocation Services: Your High-Grade Workspace

MilesWeb's 24/7 dynamic, streamlined architecture for resilient, scalable, and sustainable server colocation services in India will propel your business transformation.

  • Absolute Secured Caging
  • Rack Space
  • Maximum Delivered Uptime
  • Client Remote Access
  • 24X7 Certified Support Surveillance
  • High-Grade Security Protocols
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Host Servers With The Best Server Colocation Pricing
  • 1U Rack Space
  • 0.5KWh Rated Power
  • Static IPv4 Address
  • On-Demand KVM IP
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Half Rack Colo
  • 20U Rack Space
  • 3KWh Rated Power
  • Static IPv4 Address
  • On-Demand KVM IP
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Full Rack Colo
  • 42U Rack Space
  • 6KWh Rated Power
  • Static IPv4 Address
  • On-Demand KVM IP
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Pay-per-kWh Colocation Model

Many businesses overpay for data center server colocation pricing power due to mismatched capacity needs. MilesWeb offers a pay-per-kWh colocation server model that helps businesses by optimizing power infrastructure design to lower upfront costs. You pay for what you use and save money in the long run.

Pay-per-kWh Colocation Model | MilesWeb India
What MilesWeb’s pay-per-kWh colocation server model offers?
Pay Only for What You Use | MilesWeb India
Pay only for what you use

No overpayment with us; you're billed based on your actual power consumption.

Optimize Energy Usage | MilesWeb India
Optimize energy usage

Reduced carbon footprints, utilize space and power efficiently.

Cost Savings Model | MilesWeb India
Cost savings

Boosted profits free up capital (CapEx) and operational expenses (OpEx) for investments.

Setting the Standard For Server Colocation Excellence

Host your critical IT infrastructure with MilesWeb’s hyper-connected environment and dedicated server colocation services.

Individual Server Rack Environment | MilesWeb India
Individual Server Rack Environment

We, as your server colocation service provider in India, offer multiple server rack options to fit your needs. You can choose from various rack sizes and have the flexibility to rent individual units within the rack. Additionally, you can customize the power supply to meet the specific requirements of your equipment.

High-Capacity Data Storage | MilesWeb India
High-Capacity Data Storage

We provide our users with solutions for storing massive amounts of data without security concerns. At the same time, users have access to our variety of storage options, including hard disk drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs), and object storage.

24x7 Expert Colocation Support | MilesWeb India
24x7 Expert Colocation Support

MilesWeb understands that colocation server environment transitions can be complex. That's why our 24/7 colocation hosting support team assists you throughout the whole process, from planning to implementation, handling the entire process, and addressing all colocation-related queries.

Adaptive And Scalable Solutions | MilesWeb India
Adaptive And Scalable Solutions

Our best colocation solutions offer unparalleled flexibility to adapt. We have Colo+, dedicated cages, and private suites with pre-configured colocation space, enclosed environments, fully customizable space, and energy efficiency.

High-Security Compliance | MilesWeb India
High-Security Compliance

Our colocation facilities prioritize the security of your data through a comprehensive, layered security approach. Be it our robust physical barriers, access control systems, or authentication protocols, we shield your data from pirated access and malicious activity.

Unparalleled Colocation Performance | MilesWeb India
Unparalleled Colocation Performance

Our colocation solutions are regarded for their unparalleled performance, all thanks to our dense network ecosystem that strategically places servers and interconnected networks to minimize data travel distance, allowing users to operate at peak efficiency.

Uninterrupted + High SLA Uptime | MilesWeb India
Uninterrupted + High SLA Uptime

MilesWeb’s colocation server hosting never go offline with our guaranteed 99.9% uptime network. We are committed to keeping your business running smoothly. You experience state-of-the-art colocation hosting facilities built with redundancy and resilience.

Back-up With N + N Infrastructure | MilesWeb India
Back-up With N + N Infrastructure

Our data centers support N+N infrastructure, which means every critical system, including power, networks, and others, receives dual feeds from two independent sources. So if one path experiences an issue, the other seamlessly takes over.

Power Monitoring And Billing | MilesWeb India
Power Monitoring And Billing

MilesWeb offers precise colocation management and cost control. Our colocation solutions offer real-time insights into your server rack's power usage, and you receive detailed and transparent bills that accurately reflect your power usage at a clear cost.

Top Colocation Services

MilesWeb offers Colo+, a server colocation service that provides businesses with a variety of options to meet their server colocation needs in India. We offer multiple rack sizes to optimize space, bundled power options, and the flexibility to choose between fiber or copper connections. Additionally, Colo+ includes 24/7 support, remote hands, and eye services, contemporary workspaces with fast internet, and secure storage for equipment.

Colo+ Server Colocation Service | MilesWeb India
Dedicated Cage

MilesWeb’s dedicated and secure cage colocation server solutions are designed to be scalable and customizable to your specific needs. We provide customizable layouts and security options like mesh walls, locking doors, and power options. Moreover, the dedicated cages come with iron-clad security features like cameras and scanners. These cages are ideal for businesses that need a secure and flexible solution for their data center needs.

Private Suites

MilesWeb offers private business suites for data center server colocation in India. These suites are customizable and come with features like private power, cooling, and network systems, as well as 24/7 security with exclusive access to privacy. They are designed to be a cost-effective solution for businesses with large deployments. You get the enclosed, solid partitions with the customized area and dedicated infrastructure.

We Are There For Your Data Center Needs

Whether you need comprehensive colocation support services, reliable network connections, or robust security measures, MilesWeb stands for it all! Our server colocation services support team is there 24/7/365 to address all the technical issues you may face. While we handle the support services, you can free up your team to focus on core business activities.

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We Are There For Your Data Center Needs | MilesWeb India
MilesWeb’s World-Class Data Center in India | MilesWeb India
MilesWeb’s World-Class Data Center in India

Being a leading provider of server colocation services in India, MilesWeb offers expertise and presence all around the world with our highly structured data center. Our data center in India is built with cutting-edge technology and advanced solutions to meet your IT needs. Additionally, to improve your business operations, we are committed to the highest security focus, safeguarding your data.

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