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No more worrying about your online store or website performance, security, technical errors, instant sales drop, bad SEO and more. has got you covered! A comprehensive monitoring service that closely monitors your website at all levels and detects the errors before you notice them.

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With, up your website monitoring goals and get record results that matter for your business.

Track Sudden Decline in Sales | MilesWeb India

Sudden Decline in Sales

An unexpected drop in sales leads to lower business revenue. aims to review the key business metrics frequently. This way, you get to easily track the sales, open shopping carts, new signups and more, all in one place.

Avoid Breakdowns | MilesWeb India

Avoid Breakdowns

View the status of the hidden mishaps! Right from browser errors, inaccessible websites, poor performance and security, lets you keep track of everything.

Key Benefits of Monitoring Tool

Continuous Monitoring 24/7 | MilesWeb India

Continuous Monitoring 24/7 checks the significant pages of your website every 5 minutes for errors. Additionally, critical areas like SEO, performance, and security are analyzed every hour. Rest assured your website is monitored 24/7, for you to focus more on your business.

Discovers Error by Crawling | MilesWeb India

Discovers Error by Crawling

Crawl errors occur when search engines cannot access the website pages. makes it simple by scanning the complete website or your online store for errors. This way, the editorial issues can be eliminated completely.

Alerts Website Issues Instantly | MilesWeb India

Alerts You Instantly

Getting quick alerts of the issues can save you from risks. Have peace of mind knowing you'll receive alerts, be it morning at 7:am or midnight 3:am. This way, you can focus more on your business without worrying about unpredictable website issues.

The Best Scoring Mode | MilesWeb India

The Best Scoring Mode works ideally even in terms of the next practices. Rather than just gathering the technical facts related to your website, Koality offers a scoring model that lets you make your own evaluation as a basis for the next steps to be taken.

Comprehensive Monitoring Tool offers robust features to monitor your website at all levels. It doesn't matter if it’s SEO, security, or performance, can do wonders by monitoring everything perfectly.

Focus on SEO Optimization Focus on SEO Optimization | MilesWeb India

The key to enhancing your business is to get found in search engines. focuses on the SEO parameter. From indexing your website to checking the sitemap for validity, Google Lighthouse value for SEO, and mobile compatibility, has got your back.

Technical Information Technical Information | MilesWeb India keeps a close check on all the technical aspects. Broken workflows in an eCommerce store or a website are triggered by minor technical errors. makes sure that no Javascript errors are caused by internal or external scripts.

Editorial Errors Get Editorial Errors | MilesWeb India

Links that lead to nothing or the integrated images that no longer exist belong to the past. tests all the vital pages for dead links and faulty images.

Top-Class Security Top-Class Security | MilesWeb India

Website security should be a priority for protecting your data and online reputation. closely monitors all the security aspects from a technical point of view. It recognizes the expiration of certificates, too many cookies (DSGVO), unsafe elements and more.

Supercharged Performance Supercharged Performance | MilesWeb India

Better performance = better business. All thanks to the continuous performance analysis. analyzes the performance of the website each hour, evaluating the server speed, page sizes, loading times and mainly, Google Lighthouse Score for extreme performance.

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