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WHMCS Reseller

WHMCS is an all in one software suite for billing & support ticket request handling for reseller hosting provider. This tool can save a lot of time for hosting providers as it simplifies & automates all the repetitive operations.

The easy to use interface allows the user to bill in various different currencies, create invoices, domain management in real-time and client sign up to termination.

WHMCS License and Pricing

WHMCS License and Pricing

Starter Plus Professional Business
Up to 250 Clients Up to 250 Clients Up to 1000 Clients Unlimited Clients
Standard Support Standard Support Standard Support Priority Support
WHMCS Branding
(powered by link of whmcs)
No Branding No Branding No Branding
MilesWeb Price
MilesWeb Price
MilesWeb Price
MilesWeb Price
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Your yearly savings
Your yearly savings
Your yearly savings
Your yearly savings
Buy reseller hosting plan at 290/mo
Reseller hosting with free WHMCS at 560/mo

Why choose WHMCS?

Automated Billing

WHMCS sends invoices to your customers directly from the control panel. This gives an advantage to your client of viewing his invoice without the need to visit your website. It gets delivered directly to his inbox through email.

This is a whole automated technique of WHMCS right from sending invoices, accumulating payments, taxes, and sending reminders.

Control Panel and Domains

Being an industry leader WHMCS provides you with plenty of options to use control panel. It is integrated with over 200 leading control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin etc.

WHMCS also comes with domain registrar (registration and management of domains). This lets you register, transfer and renew domains.

Developer Friendly

With WHMCS, you get all the tools and flexible environment to customize its dashboard independently. Its modular architecture, API and Apps makes it easy for you to customize WHMCS.

You can also change the appearance and integrate new service providers.

Secure and Scalable

Considering business of all sizes, WHMCS is scalable and dependable solution that offers fast, useful and dedicated support.

In terms of security, WHMCS allows you to integrate services from cloudflare, Symantec, rapidSSl and other such famous website security feature providers.

Support Tools

WHMCS has its own support tools that you’ll need while you assist your customers. It also lets your customers download tools manually to help them with the service.

It gives you a portal with support ticketing system that serves a fully featured communication platform for your customers to raise a ticket via email.

It also has an easy to use client database, profile and billing information for your agents.

WHMCS has its own knowledgebase that allows your customers to access the help they need at any point of anytime.

Time Saving

WHMCS does all the billing automatically. The automated process of sending reminders, generating invoices, collecting payments saves a lot of time and efforts of manually doing all the tasks. This maximizes your productivity and you are able to focus on growing your business.

What is WHMCS?
WHMCS is an all in one powerful automated tool for client management. WHMCS is used to automate the billing and support for the web hosting business.
What is branding?
The starter plan comes with the following line at the bottom of every page: Powered by: WHMCS.The other plans such as: Plus, professional and the business plan do not contain this powered by link.
Why is WHMCS essential for reseller hosting?
WHMCS is an easy to use software suite that makes it convenient for reseller hosting providers to manage billing and support. It automatically creates invoices and collects payments from your customers. You can also set up and manage multiple accounts, and build up data of the customers all together at one place.
Can I customize my installation?
Yes. You can customize your installation. With the use of templates, the WHMCS front end can be fully customized as per your choice. You can add/remove any aspects from the front end.
Can I remove the ‘Powered by WHMCS’ link?
Yes. You can remove the ‘Powered by WHMCS’ link by upgrading your starter plan to plus. On a monthly basis, you just have to pay additional $2 per month.
Can I get WHMCS license for free?
Yes. We do provide WHMCS license for free with our unlimited windows and linux reseller plans.
Is WHMCS hosted with you or is it installed on my web server?
WHMCS is a self-hosted platform that gives you complete control over your setup and client’s data.
Can I use WHMCS license on more than one domain?
WHMCS licenses are bound to domain. It is valid for one installation only.
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