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Fully managed Windows VPS hosting powered by Hyper-V
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Managed Windows VPS in India
Plan VCPUS Memory SSD DISK DATA Transfer First Month Renewal
W1 2 vCPU2GB50GB200GB 1,680 2,100/mo Buy Now
W2 2 vCPU4GB100GB300GB 2,688 3,360/mo Buy Now
W3 4 vCPU8GB150GB400GB 5,376 6,720/mo Buy Now
W4 6 vCPU12GB200GB500GB 8,064 10,080/mo Buy Now
W5 8 vCPU16GB250GB600GB 10,752 13,440/mo Buy Now
W6 12 vCPU24GB300GB700GB 16,128 20,160/mo Buy Now
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Fully Managed Linux VPS Powered by KVM Hypervisor

All Windows VPS Servers Include & Support

Our cheap windows VPS hosting plans give you more power and flexibility to run and test wide range of applications. You are the boss of your windows VPS hosting.

Here is the list of standard Windows VPS hosting features:

Get Your Windows VPS Server Migrated for Free

Our team of experts has experience in migrating thousands of websites effortlessly without any downtime. They always ensure that your website works flawlessly on our Hyper-V Platform. We’ll move all the required files and databases from your old Windows VPS provider to your new managed Hyper-V Windows VPS server with us.

Why You Should Choose Our Fully Managed Windows VPS

Hyper-V Platform

All our Windows VPS hosting plans are deployed on Hyper-V platform that allows you to focus on things that matters most and avoid undifferentiated work like procurement and capacity planning. It has built-in SSD storage for better performance and reliability.

100% Dedicated Resources

Every Windows VPS has guaranteed dedicated hosting resources such as memory, CPU and Storage space allocated to your account. None of your resources gets shared with other hosting accounts in a node.

Full Administrator Access

You have the complete liberty to control your Windows VPS hosting activities. Host multiple websites, install any third party software/ applications or use it for browsing data with our fully managed Windows VPS.

Plesk Control Panel

Every Windows VPS server offers you the option to buy independent Plesk control panel that is easy to use and manage multiple websites, emails and databases with ease.

Latest Technologies

To keep your business website updated, every Windows VPS is pre-installed with latest IIS, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, FrontPage Extensions and we also offer database support and monitoring of MySQL and MS SQL.

Easy VPS Upgrades

You can upgrade your VPS anytime you want without changing the assigned IP address. The care is taken by our experts that no data gets failed or lost during the up-gradation process.

Affordable Price

Windows VPS hosting packages offered by MilesWeb are the most affordable one and are also ideal for the webmasters who need full administrative access over the website.

Powerful Hardware

MilesWeb's servers are powered with the strong hardware that ensures the best performance and reliability making your Windows VPS platform the most suitable for the demanding websites.

Instant Help 24/7

We are happy to answer your queries about our service. Our skilled professionals are available 24/7/365 for any support you need.

Windows VPS on Hyper-V

Amazon web services allow you to build, deploy, scale and manage your Microsoft applications quickly, easily, more securely and effectively. If you are an organization that is looking to modernize your legacy applications than Hyper-V helps you to do so, by providing tools, scalability and services to meet all your latest needs.

You can deploy Applications on our fully managed windows VPS infrastructure via Hyper-V that provides you a managed database service with high performance and high durability for your SQL server. Amazon for SQL server saves your cost and reduces the overhead of managing Microsoft applications.

Fully managed Windows VPS powered by Hyper-V
Starting at 1,680/mo
Our Customer Stories

They provide the best support for all web hosting related issues. The support executive of MilesWeb has been very quick to respond and resolve. Happy to host with MilesWeb. I would recommend their services to everyone.

Dev OM

I had a problem with my migration, some domains were not loading properly but the support team of MilesWeb rectified my problem in no time. They are just incredible, whereas all the other Indian web hosting providers take so much time for giving support. I have been using MilesWeb for more than a year now, no complaints so far.

Shobhit Gupta
Director, ITSagar Solutions Pvt. Ltd

We are a regular client of MilesWeb. They give a positive response with a solution. We talked with one of their female support executives, she gave us the exact solution to our issue. We are thankful to her for taking the efforts and knowledge to resolve our issues. Thanks to MilesWeb.

Pradeep Govintharajah

Timely and professional support. MilesWeb offers the quality of support and service without any additional cost. They are fast and reliable. They provide tech support on 24/7 live chat. It's very helpful in crucial situations. The server performance is also good. You can trust them as a server 'partner'. Thank you.

Nadeer VK
Founder & CEO, Weblanza Pvt. Ltd

A happy client since 2015. All the services are great. Awesome help and support. The problem is most probably solved within a few minutes. And their attitude and behavior are cool. Thank You for your amazing support.

Gaurish Lad
Director, I Aim Higher

Customer service is always on top of my list when it comes to choosing a web hosting provider. After trying several providers, I can vouch for MilesWeb and I would rate them 10/10 for their top class support and service. They know how to keep the customers happy and get more business through word-of-mouth.

Nikhil Pawar
CEO, Webwing Technologies

My relation with MilesWeb is more than a year. I am totally happy and relaxed with their web hosting solution. It's great when a company sticks with the promises they make and MilesWeb has never let me down. I will continue to host my website with them for years.

Anand Tanna

Thank you for providing top class service. My clients never reported me about any issues related to my travel website. I am very happy and satisfied with MilesWeb. Everyone should try MilesWeb hosting.

Manoj Khanna
Director, Khanna Holidays Pvt Ltd

For all your services and support, I feel that whatever you are charging is very less. Thank you for the kind of service you provide for my eLearning website.

Ravindrababu Ravula
Director, Raudra Eduservices Pvt Ltd

I was determined to take a dedicated server but they first analyzed my requirement and suggested a shared hosting plan. They could have easily said yes to dedicated server and made more revenue, still they did not. Great service is what surely differentiates MilesWeb for me.

Tabrez Alam
Founder, PetBuddy Products Pvt Ltd

MilesWeb support is highly recommended. The support is fast and competent. They always have a solution. Keep up the good work. Team MilesWeb is Great.

Eugen Leibundgut

MilesWeb team you guys are a rockstar. Your support is the quickest I have ever seen, especially I loved your communication. You guys care for the customer and happy to get such assistance from you. So amazing. I will be recommending MilesWeb in the future.

Dipankar Pal

I had the server IP blocked by Hotmail/Outlook and the team of MilesWeb tried to help to de-list the IP, the solution came to switch to a dedicated IP. One team member of MilesWeb offered this alternative to solve the Hotmail block. His support was very efficient and quick.

Javier Trancoso
Director, FrikiHost

MilesWeb solved my issue within a minute. We had a big problem before and they had always solved the problem. If you are looking to buy a web hosting go with MilesWeb they offer 24 hours support. Their slogan is true "Your hosting our responsibility" they always help us whenever we had a problem. Big thumbs up to MilesWeb.

Jorge Andres Oviedo
Digital Radio
Our Score Of Success

Fully managed Windows VPS powered by Hyper-V

Starting at just

1,680 /mo
Do you allow Remote Desktop Access (RDA) to your Windows VPS hosting

Yes. You can easily access your Windows VPS through Remote Desktop using administrator permission.

Will I be able to install software on my Windows VPS?

Yes, you can install any legal software on your Windows VPS server by yourself, or if you want we will do it for you. But, you get total control on your Windows VPS server.

Which operating systems do you offer with your Windows VPS hosting packages?

We provide you Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016 Operating System options Windows VPS hosting packages.

Do you have a minimum contract period?

No, we haven't put any limitations on a minimum contract period. You can sign-up for monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually as per your choice.

Can I sign up for Windows VPS hosting package without a domain name?

Of course. Even if you haven't registered for a domain name with us, still you can access your Windows VPS account through the host-name or the IP address allocated to you.

What is Windows VPS hosting?

Windows VPS hosting is a type of private server hosting that has Microsoft Windows as an operating system. Hosting resources like CPU, RAM, Disk space, Bandwidth can be added to this type of hosting.

Is VPS expensive than dedicated servers?

As compared to dedicated servers, VPS hosting is less expensive but still provides you the best performance and capacity necessary for your hosting requirements.

Are Virtual Private Servers reliable and secure option?

Virtual Private Servers provide you the private hosting resources with an isolated environment. We assure that your server and data will not get affected by other's code and hosting. Our experts scan server on a daily basis to keep your business away from any type of hacking during critical web applications deployment.

Will I get a dedicated IP address with my windows VPS account?

Yes, you will get a dedicated IP address with your VPS account. The dedicated IP address allows you to run your own web, e-mail and FTP servers. SEO performance is also improved by using a dedicated IP address with your online activities.

Being a newbie can I use VPS easily?

It may take a few days to get hands-on VPS, but with the use of remote desktop access, you can manage your VPS very easily. You are allowed to add and delete software or data to and from your VPS. Also, you can optimize the scalability, throughput and performance.

Can I sign-up for a Windows VPS hosting package without a domain name?

Yes, definitely you can sign-up without having a domain name. In case you haven't registered for a domain name with us, you can still access your Windows VPS account through the host-name or the IP address allocated to you.

What MS SQL database edition do you offer with Windows VPS?

We provide the MS SQL Express Edition with all the Windows VPS. In case you wish to have any other version, feel free to reach out to us.

Which operating system is offered with Windows VPS hosting packages?

We provide you the Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016 OS options with the Windows VPS.

Do I need to sign-up for any minimum contract period to purchase Windows VPS?

No, there is no minimum contract period associated with Windows VPS, you can sign-up for monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly and/or annually time period.

What payment gateways do you accept, through which I can pay?

We accept various payment gateways such as PayPal, Credit card, Debit card, Cash card, Net Banking, Bank Transfer and Cheque payments.

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Product disclaimer
Product disclaimer

MilesWeb often offers discount and special offers to customers on web hosting plans. These are limited period offers and its valid for first term only. The discounted price will not be applicable on renewals. After completing the initial term the web hosting plans will automatically renew at regular rate.

All prices are excluding GST.

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