MilesWeb Helps PetSutra - a Gurgaon Based Consumer Startup to Go Online

Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Nashik, Maharashtra, India

MilesWeb has successfully completed its journey from a startup to an established web hosting provider. It is one of those rare hosting companies that always aims at providing exclusive hosting solutions for startups. In MilesWeb’s endeavor to support independent ventures, it recently enabled PetSutra a company based in Gurgaon, India to reach out to a wider base of audience online. PetSutra is creating an ecosystem for pets and pet parenting to solve the challenges faced by pets through their life cycle.

PetSutra opted for cloud hosting solution provided by MilesWeb for hosting their website. Through a full fledged website and a mobile app, PetSutra successfully created its online identity and has better opportunities of business growth. With more than 25,000 page views a day on the website and more than 12500 users on the app, business continuity and server uptime is critical. Milesweb, gives more than 99.95% uptime and 30 minutes response time for any service request, the platforms are working seamlessly.

PetSutra was established with a vision of creating a connected community of pet-parents. Its business model is based on three pillars – “Information, Connection and Fulfillment”. While the first two pillars focus on connecting users through the PetSutra app to solve issues faced by pets, the fulfillment pillar aims to provide eco-friendly and organic products to pet-parents. As part of this, Petsutra has launched Chewlicious, a high-protein dog treat made from Yak milk, and is further planning to launch eco-friendly toys and accessories in the coming months.

MilesWeb has always acknowledged the fact that having an online presence is a pre-requisite in establishing a successful business. According to Tabrez Alam, the founder of PetSutra, “I was looking for an all round service. I was not very happy with the services provided by Amazon Cloud. I hosted my website with MilesWeb and I am amazed with the kind of service and uptime they ensured for my website. I recommend MilesWeb for all startups as one can expect the best customer service”. MilesWeb staff reached out to PetSutra for providing complete hosting support that enabled PetSutra to create an exceptional website featuring their product and information.

MilesWeb has gained a reputation of providing hosting solutions that are fast, reliable and affordable and this company has empowered many startups to launch their website in order to mark their online presence. Along with comprehensive web hosting solutions, MilesWeb also offers additional features like free domain name and SSL, unlimited hosting resources, round the clock support and super fast speed. The online success of PetSutra determines how MilesWeb empowers startups and provides them a perfect platform for creating an online identity.

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