MilesWeb Launches ‘Host In India’ Campaign: An Eye-Opener for Indian Website Owners

Jul 30, 2015
Nashik, Maharashtra, India

A thoughtful initiative by MilesWeb to encourage the Indian website owners to host their websites in India. This is a good opportunity for the website owners to create happy & returning visitors

MilesWeb, a leading web hosting company worldwide has launched a new campaign ‘Host In India’. This is MilesWeb’s initiative to encourage the website owners targeting Indian audience to host their websites in India. Generally, websites owners in India host their websites in US, UK or in some other locations. However, business owners are unaware of the fact that hosting websites at foreign locations might result in a slow website and thereby loss of customers. MilesWeb has launched the Host In India campaign with a view to improve the user experience and help in setting up faster and more efficient websites.

It is important to take into consideration that hosting server location is one of the major reasons why websites load slowly. As a result of an inappropriate hosting location, website latency tends to increase. According to Chinmay Dingore, Co-Founder, MilesWeb "We have the best infrastructure for Indian customers that is no less than international standards. Host in India is our initiative where we would like to encourage all the Indian website owners to host their websites in India and take advantage of a fast website and thereby happy customers." MilesWeb has ensured that perfect hosting infrastructure is in place for their Indian clients for managing the website.

This is a great endeavour where all the Indian website owners will be benefited with a state-of-art hosting infrastructure at affordable price. The Indian clients also avail of the excellent hosting features like fast SSD drives and LiteSpeed servers to further increase the efficiency of their websites.

MilesWeb is a trusted name in the web hosting industry that aims at providing secure and resourceful hosting solutions to their clients. The Host In India campaign is launched for the benefit of Indian clients through which they will be able to provide a profound browsing experience to their website visitors. By consideration Indian web hosting, clients can look forward to a secure hosting environment that is based in the most powerful servers.

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