MilesWeb Wins 'Enabler of The Year 2021' Award for Helping Small Businesses

September 16 2021
Nashik, Maharashtra, India

MilesWeb, being the top hosting provider in India, has won yet another award, 'Enable of The Year 2021' by Naya Bharat - Jagran Group. This award recognizes entrepreneurship and the hard work of SME startups.

SME Awards, under 1st edition, celebrate the productivity and efficiency of businesses. MilesWeb is one such hosting company that works effortlessly to provide quality hosting services. The expert team puts in a lot of hard work every day that has helped win the company many awards and recognitions. Plus, this award in the list claps for the efforts and consistency of the team.

The enabler of the year is another success. This shows the initiative MilesWeb took to help small to medium-sized enterprises get online. As Jagran group observed websites flourishing their businesses online by hosting it with MilesWeb, they nominated them the best title.

During the nomination, MilesWeb received the highest votes from happy customers. These clients consistently contribute toward the progress of the company. As gaining the title of best Enabler of The Year, MilesWeb again won many hearts. It's an incredible feeling for the entire team.

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