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Steps to Add Sites to WordPress Multisite

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Steps to Add Sites Manually

1. Open WordPress.

2. In the top bar, select My Sites > Network Admin > Sites.

3. Next, click the Add New button.

4. Enter the below fields:
Site Address – It is the subdirectory under which the virtual site.
Site Title – Title can be changed by the new administrator later.
Admin Email – It is the email of the person who will own this site.

5. Click on Add Site.

Note: The new user receives an email with login credentials. They can log into the site at:

Steps to Create Your Own Sites

1. Log in to WordPress with the administrator credentials.

2. Navigate to the network dashboard, click on Settings > Network Settings.

3. Go to the Registration Settings and select the below options:

  • Logged in users may register new sites.
  • Send the network admin an email notification every time someone registers a site or user account.

With this, the new users will be able to create pages at

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