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An Overview Of Statistics In VirtueMart

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In this tutorial, we will have a look at the statistic section in VirtueMart. Understanding the statistics will provide you a better insight into your website performance and you will be able to make informed decisions. The VirtueMart statistics is a single interface that provides information about your sales, shoppers, products, and orders.

This information is useful when you are running an online business as you can quickly get the crucial information. 

Steps to access the statistics:

  • Log in to the Joomla admin panel.
  • Go to the Navigation menu and go to the ‘Components’ option and click on VirtueMart.
  • In the VirtueMart menu, go to the Tools option and click on Control Panel.
  • Click on the Statistics tab, and you will then get the statistics overview. 

What Do The Statistics include? 


  • Shoppers: This section lists the number of shoppers that made purchases, this is a complete list of registered shoppers.
  • Active Products: This section lists the number of products that you currently have for sale.
  • Inactive Products: This section displays a complete list of products that are not available.
  • Featured Products: This section provides a list of featured products. 

Orders & Shoppers

  • Pending: This shows a list of the number of pending orders.
  • Confirmed By Shopper: This is a list of products and orders that is confirmed by the shoppers.
  • Canceled: A list of canceled orders.
  • Shipped: A list of shipped orders.
  • Sum: This shows the total number of orders.
  • New Orders: This shows the number of new orders that will be listed along with the order numbers and price totals.
  • New Shoppers: This section lists all the new shoppers.
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