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How to Change Password for Admin Account of DirectAdmin?

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The password for your admin account of DirectAdmin is the most vital piece of your server security. It is expected that you shouldn’t lose, share or forget it.

To Find the Password for Admin Account

In case you forgot the admin password, you can always find it here:


The section where you will spot the password will look like this:

The following information has been set:

Admin username: admin
Admin password: c0pr7hwvt8f-
Admin email:

If you use the command line, the command to display this info is:


Note: The password you will find this way is actually the one you get after the DirectAdmin installation. It will only be valid if you have not changed it.

However, if you forget the password after changing it from the one you got from installation, you will have to reset it.

To Reset/Change the Password

Access your server as root and enter this line:

It will allow you to set a new password.

With it, DirectAdmin will accept the password you entered and set it for your admin account.

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