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How To Change ‘’ Name For A Forum Created With phpBB?

Approx. read time : 2 min

phpBB is a widely used free and open source forum software that is used for creating forum websites through PHP.

The steps mentioned below illustrate the process to change the ‘’ name for your website created with phpBB:

  • Sign in to the admin panel of your website
  • Click on ‘Administration Control Panel’, use your admin credentials to login
  • Click on ‘Board Settings’ to view and edit the basic operation of your board like site name, description and other settings like adjusting the values for timezone and language
  • Enter the ‘Site name.’ and ‘Site description.’ that is suitable for your website
  • After making all the necessary changes in Board Settings, click on the ‘Submit’ option to save the changes
  • ‘ACP Logout’ from the Administrative Control Panel and Logout from the website

After making the changes mentioned above, refresh your website and you will see that ‘’ name is changed to the site name that you mentioned along with the description.

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