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How to Check if your Site is Blocked by The Great Firewall of China?

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Watch this video for a step by step process on How to Check if your Site is Blocked by The Great Firewall of China

You know that the People’s Republic of China has banned a few websites on the internet. The Great Firewall is software that identifies these sites and restricts their browsing for various regions of the country. You can check if the Great Firewall of China has blocked your site.

More About The Great Firewall

The Great Firewall of China is originally the Golden Shield Project. It is a government-funded initiative under the Ministry of Public Security division of the communist government of China. The aim of this project is to monitor the internet traffic of the entire country and censor the websites and online content on the Chinese network.

According to the comprehensive research of the OpenNet Initiative, China has inducted the most advanced internet censoring technologies. Here is a link to their research profile on China.

The Great Firewall of China strictly censors its internet traffic by deploying government-sanctioned rules and regulations. Aside from blocking the foreign sites, it also slows the trans-border internet traffic trying to access local websites.

To Check if your Site is Blocked by The Great Firewall

1. Click on any of these links:

2. Enter your URL in the text box and check.

For example we used the tool from Comparitech to check if MilesWeb’s URL is accessible in China:

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