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How To Configure Email Settings On Windows Mobile?

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You can easily setup your email account on a touch screen smart phone based on Windows OS. Follow the steps mentioned below for setting up your email account on Windows smart phone:

  • On the Start Menu >> Go to ‘Messaging’ and click on the ‘Setup E-mail’ option
  • Enter the login credentials of your email account – email address and password and click on ‘Next’
  • The application will try to ascertain the current settings of your email account through the internet
  • In case the settings are not retrieved automatically, you will have to enter them manually
  • Click on ‘Next’ to proceed
  • You will be prompted to select the email account type >> Select Internet Email
  • Now enter the account name and the display name
  • On the following screens you will be asked to mention the incoming mail server settings >> IMAP or POP3, select the appropriate option
  • Define the same email server settings for outgoing emails as well and enter the username and password
  • On the last screen make sure that you have ticked the check box that says – Outgoing server requires authentication
  • In the ‘Advanced Server Settings’ you can choose the option to use SSL for the incoming and outgoing connections
  • Click on ‘Finish’ to complete the setup

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Now you are all set to view and manage your emails through your Windows smart phone!

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