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How to Create a New User Account as a Reseller in DirectAdmin?

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Watch this video for a step by step process on How to Create a New User Account in DirectAdmin Panel

As a reseller, you get the privilege to create a new user account in your control panel. This article is for the reseller hosting clients that use the DirectAdmin panel.

To Create a New User Account

1. Log in to the DirectAdmin panel with your reseller account.

2. Get to the Account Manager section and click on List Users.

3. Click on the CREATE USER button.

4. A form will appear where you have to enter details for the user account.

  • Username: The name for the user account. (Use only lowercase letters)
  • E-mail: The email address of the user/client.
  • Password: Generate/enter a password for the user account.
  • Domain: Assign a domain with the user account.
  • User Package: Select a service package for the user/client. You can customize the package by clicking the Customize button.
  • IP: Select the IP address of the server to host the user.

You can choose to inform your client about their new user account. Tick the Send E-mail Notification so that DirectAdmin can send a notification to their email.

5. After filling in all the necessary information, click the Submit button.

A window will pop up, prompting that the system has successfully created the user account.

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