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edquota: Cannot stat() mounted device /dev/root

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A disk quota is a limit set by a administrator that restricts usage of file system in Operating Systems. The function of setting quotas to disks is to allocate limited disk-space for accounts according to shared hosting packages.

When updating them on your server, it throws a error as below.

edquota: Cannot stat() mounted device /dev/root: No such file or directory
No filesystems with quota detected.

Looking at the error, it looks like /dev/root does not exists. Check if it does.

# ll /dev/root

If it does not exists, create it with command

# ln -s /dev/xvda /dev/root

Now, time to update quota on your server.

# /scripts/fixquotas –force

It will show the correct quota in your cPanel now. If you still face any issues, contact your web hosting provider. On a linux dedicated server OR a linux VPS, just follow the steps above.

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