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Learn to Empty a MySQL Database in Simple Steps

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Using phpMyAdmin or SSH, you can empty the content of a MySQL database. But ensure that you take a backup of your database (phpMyAdmin or SSH) before making any changes to your databases.

Empty a MySQL Database Using phpMyAdmin

This is the easiest way to empty a MySQL database as compared to other ways.

Login to your cPanel account and go to Databses -> phpMyAdmin

Then select the database you want to empty.

You will see a list with all the database’s tables. For selecting all the tables in the database click on Check All link.

Next, select Drop from the drop down menu of “With selected:”. With this. the DROP TABLE SQL query will run on all tables and after you confirm that you wish to proceed by clicking on Go, the database will be emptied.

Empty a MySQL Database Using SSH

When you drop the content of a database using SSH, it proves to be very useful in terms large databases. For this, you need to use the drop and create privilege ( or lese you will drop the database but won’t be able to create it again).

  • Go to MySQL with your database MySQL user by executing the below command over SSH:

Remember to replace USERNAME with your MySQL user and your password when prompted.

  • Then run the below DROP and CREATE commands:

In this the, DATABASE_NAME is the name of your database.

In this way you can empty a MySQL database using phpMyAdmin and SSH in simple steps.

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