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How to Enable Auto-Login for PHPMyAdmin Using DirectAdmin?

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PHPMyAdmin is one of the most popular MySQL management tools online. Since it is frequently in use, you can enable the auto-login for PHPMyAdmin for the users of your DirectAdmin hosting.

To Enable Auto-Login for PHPMyAdmin

1. Log in to your DirectAdmin server via SSH.

2. Run these commands:

cd /usr/local/directadmin/
./directadmin set one_click_pma_login 1 restart
cd custombuild
./build update
./build phpmyadmin

Subsequently, it will enable the feature to auto-login to PHPMyAdmin for your DirectAdmin hosting.

To access it:

1. Log in to your DirectAdmin user account.

2. Click on MySQL Management in the Account Manager section.

Consequently, a list of existing databases will appear.

3. Click the + icon for any database.

It will open a menu where an additional option Login to phpMyAdmin will appear.

When you click this option, it will directly open the database in the phpMyAdmin interface.

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