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Showing Error: Failed to Download Metadata for Repo ‘AppStream’- CentOS

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In this article, we’ll get to know, how to fix the error, “Failed to download metadata for repo AppStream” in CentOS 8.

For example, you have installed a minimalist CentOS 8 on one of the servers. The entire process of installation goes smoothly and is successful.

But, while updating the system, using the yum update, you’re likely to get the error message: “Failed to download metadata for repo”

Here is the error you’ll get:

Now the output from the /var/log/dnf.log for more debug information:

If you verify the internet connection and DNS, it works alright as given below:

Now, how to fix this issue? Let’s see in the below steps:


On 31st December 2021, CentOS Linux 9 had reached its End of Life (EOL). This means, it will not receive any development updates from the official CentOS project. Thereafter, 31st December 2021, for updating your CentOS, you will first need to change the mirrors to Here they will be archived for all time. Instead, you may also need to upgrade to CentOS stream.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: First go to the /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory.

Step2: Now, run the commands given below:

Step 3: After this, run the yum update:

And that’s all!

By the following the above steps, you can easily fix the error, “Failed to Download Metadata for Repo ‘AppStream’.

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