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How to Fix “Server error: ‘550 Restricted characters in address'” in Outlook?

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Server error: ‘550 Restricted characters in address'” is an SMTP error that occurs mainly because of the configurations of the Exim service. Fix "Server error: '550 Restricted characters in address'" in Outlook


You can resolve it by reconfiguring the service.

To Fix “Server error: ‘550 Restricted characters in address'”

1. Open your FTP Client and connect it to your hosting.

2. Browse for exim.conf file following the file path: etc/exim.

3. Rename the exim.conf file to make it inactive.

4. Click the given link: Download exim.conf file to download a new exim.conf file.

5. Upload the new exim.conf file on the FTP Client.

exim.conf file in ftp client

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