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FTP Hosting FAQs

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What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is used to transfer (upload/download) files over the internet. FTP works like HTTP and SMTP. HTTP is responsible for transferring web pages from the server to the users browser and SMTP is used for sending emails over the internet. Similarly FTP uses TCP/IP protocol and is most commonly used for uploading and downloading files over the internet.

Do you provide FTP hosting?

We provide premium FTP cPanel hosting service. FTP feature is supported with all our website hosting plans and you may create multiple FTP accounts through control panel. FTP is mostly used to upload/download web pages on the hosting server. When we setup your hosting account your primary FTP account is automatically created and the login information is sent with the web hosting account details. You can easily manage the FTP accounts through the control panel, you can create or delete FTP account, modify password, point every account to a different folder path. We provide 24/7 technical assistance for FTP related issues.

Choose one of our FTP hosting plans and take advantage of our powerful FTP servers.

What is the meaning of Unlimited FTP accounts?

It means that you can create multiple FTP accounts under your hosting account. There is no restriction on the number of FTP accounts. As per your requirement, you can create as many FTP accounts you want. We recommend our customers to use complicated passwords for the FTP accounts to avoid misuse of your account.

Which FTP program should I use to upload/download web pages?

There are many FTP clients available for free, but we recommend to use FileZilla. It’s free to install, user friendly, fast and reliable FTP program with useful features. Use this FTP client and start uploading your website on our server.

Can I use FTP to upload my website? How do I connect to the server through FTP?

Yes, you can use FTP to upload your website files, images and scripts on the server. To connect to the server through FTP you will have to use a FTP client like FileZilla. The Host or Hostname (FTP address) of your account would be or the server IP address. Before using update the name servers of and point it to our server. For FTP username and password refer the welcome email you received after the account setup.

Upload your web pages under the directory /

Upload your cgi-scripts under the directory /

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