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Get a List of Accounts in VPS with these Simple Steps

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In case you are the admin for MilesWeb’s VPS hosting account, you can manage accounts on your server using the List Accounts interface. Being an admin, you get a quick overview of website accounts for getting information such as administrator emails, IP addresses, changing account passwords, cPanel access, disk space used, and quota settings.

Follow the below steps to get to the list accounts option for the effective use of WHM in order to manage your VPS account.

Steps to Access the List Accounts Screen in WHM for your VPS Account

  1. Log into the WHM.
  2. Click on the search field and type, “List Accounts”.
  3. This will display the Account Information section and highlight List Accounts. Here, click on List Accounts.
  4. The List Accounts screen will get displayed with the accounts that have been created within your VPS.

Congratulations! You have learnt to access the List Accounts screen in WHM. This option in WHM can be used to quickly manage or get critical information for your VPS accounts.

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