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How to Add a Customer in Reseller Plesk Panel?

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Watch this video for a step by step process on how to add a customer in reseller Plesk panel

  • Log in to Plesk.
  • On the left sidebar, under Hosting Services click on Customers.
  • To add a new customer, click on Add a Customer.
  • In the Contact Information section, fill the required information that has an asterisk mark.
  • Under the Information for the administrator section, you can add a description in this textbox. Customers cannot see this description.

  • In the Access to Plesk section, enter the username and password in their respective fields. Re-enter the same password in the Repeat password field. Make sure the password you enter must be alphanumeric. If you want to use an auto-generated password then click on Generate. Here, we have manually entered the password.
  • The customer will use this login credentials to access their Customer Panel.
  • If you want to send an Activation link to the customer via email then select this checkbox.
  • In the Subscription section, by default, this checkbox is selected. If you unselect this option then the customer will not be able to log in to the Customer Panel.
  • In the Domain name field, enter the customer’s domain name.
  • The default IP address will be shown in this section.

  • Enter the same username and password that you have mentioned in the Access to Plesk section. Re-enter the same password in the Confirm password field. Make sure the password you enter must be alphanumeric.
  • Choose the Service plan from this dropdown. Here we have already created this service plan so we’re selecting the same.

  • Selecting this checkbox will lock the subscription for syncing. So don’t select this checkbox.

  • If you want to add any description then you can add it in this textbox. This information is only visible to the Plesk administrator or reseller.

  • Secure your domain with Let’s Encrypt SSL by selecting this checkbox. Make sure your domain is pointing to a server. You can install Let’s Encrypt SSL once you add the customer to Plesk.

  • Click on OK.

That’s how you can add a customer in the reseller Plesk panel.

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