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How to change a password for PostgreSQL on Linux via Command line?

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PostgreSQL is known for supporting many client authentication methods, so, in this case, we will only be concerned about two : (i) password and (ii) md5.


1) The instruction is specially used for changing a password in PostgreSQL.

2) The instructions are performed by using a MilesWeb Core Managed CentOS 7 server and we are logged in a root.

3) PostgreSQL is already installed.

Step 1: Switch to the PostgreSQL user: postgres

N case you are working from a default PostgreSQL installation, then PostgreSQL will be configured with the user postgres.

As we are logged in as root, it can be assumed that root doesn’t have a user for PostgreSQL, switch to the default PostgreSQL user: postgres

Now, attempt to connect to PostgreSQL :

At the prompt, enter your password

The correct and valid response will be similar to :

Step 2: Add and Change the password for the PostgreSQL user: postgres

Using the following command you can change the password for your current user, which is now postgres :

Enter your new password. Re-enter it to confirm.

Now quit the PostgreSQL interface using the following command :

Tip :

You can perform all the above-mentioned steps in only one command :

That’s it.

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