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How To Change The phpBB Admin Password?

Approx. read time : 2 min

In order to reset the phpBB admin password, you have to first locate the database for your phpBB.

You will find the database details in the config.php file; this file is situated in the installation directory of the application. Open the file through File Manager in cPanel and go to $dbname where you will find the database. For instance – $dbname = ‘user_phpdb’;

Once you locate the exact file, you can go ahead and change the phpBB admin password through phpMyAdmin, here are the steps:

  • Login to cPanel and go to phpMyAdmin.
  • Select the phpBB database present on the left hand side.
  • Click on the ‘users’ table (for example – phpbbs_users).
  • Click on ‘Browsers’ and find the username that you want to edit (admin).
  • Click on ‘Edit’.
  • Enter the new password in the ‘user_password’ row.
  • Click on the ‘Function’ drop down menu and select MDS.
  • Save all the changes by clicking on the ‘Go’ button.

After completing this process, access the phpBB admin page and check if you can login with your new password.

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