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How To Change The WordPress Auto-Save Interval?

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What is the WordPress auto-save Feature?

The WordPress auto-save feature saves a draft of the post you are working on or still editing in frequent time intervals. By default, WordPress saves a draft of your post in every 60 seconds.

There might be situations where you might want to change the auto-save setting. For instance, if your internet connection is slow, you might want to increase the auto saving interval so that your browser does not freeze whenever WordPress saves a draft of your post. In contrast to this, if you wish to minimize the chances of losing the edits to a post, it is also possible to decrease the auto-save interval so that WordPress does not save them more frequently.

Steps for changing the auto-save interval:

In order to change the length of the time when WordPress waits between saving drafts automatically, you have to implement the following steps:

  • Login to cPanel.
  • In the cPanel home screen, there is a ‘Files’ section, there click on ‘File Manager’.
  • Go to the directory where WordPress is installed.

Note : Usually WordPress is installed in the ‘public_html’ directory. However, if WordPress is installed in a sub-directory, you must navigate to that directory.

  • Right click on the file ‘wp-config.php’ and click on ‘Edit’.
  • Add the line mentioned below to the wp-config.php file. In place of X you have to add the number of seconds that you want WordPress to wait between saving drafts of your posts.


Note : The auto save line mentioned above should come before the line mentioned below in the wp-config.php file otherwise the setting will not have any effect.

require_once(ABSPATH . ‘wp-settings.php’);

  • Click on ‘Save Changes’.
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