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How to configure cPanel Update Preferences from WHM?

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Update Preferences allows you to configure as to how should the server software update. This includes cPanel and packages installed on server.

1. cPanel Updates
2. Operating System Packages Updates
3. SpamAssasin Rules Updates.

With this interface, you can select which Release Tier you can use & how the updates should be handled. Select what is most important when updates are performed. Is it the Stability OR New features you value the most.

Login to your WHM as root & access option Server Configuration » Update Preferences.

Select the Tier & configure how often you wish to update it. An explanation of these Tiers is in image below.

cPanel WHM release Tiers

You can also select as to how often the Operating System packages & SpamAssasin Rules should update.

OS and SpamAssasin updates

Select Automatic, Manual OR None depending on your requirement. It is always recommended to set this to Automatic. The widely know script “/scripts/upcp” runs daily & will download/install the updates automatically. When setting it to Manual, you will have to execute the upcp script manually for the updates to be downloaded.

Click on Save for changes to reflect in the next updates.

cPanel updates can be configured depending on your requirements with our VPS hosting & dedicated server hosting plans.


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