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How can I connect to SQLite using PHP?

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This article will guide you on how to connect to the SQLite database using PHP.

Steps to connect to SQLite using PDO (PHP Data Objects) :

PDO (PHP Data Objects) withdraws database access and allows you to create code that is capable to handle different types of databases. SQLite is a database type that supports PDO.

Perform the following steps to connect SQLite using PDO :

1. Using the following PHP code, connect to the SQLite database. Replace username with MilesWeb Hosting account username, path with the path of the database file, and filename with the name of the database file:

Suppose, if you have a SQLite database named books.db in your home directory, and the username is example, then you can use the following statement :

2. Once the code connects to the SQLite database, you can run SQL queries and perform other operations. As an example, the following PHP code runs a SQL query that extracts the last names from the employees table, and stores the result in the $resultvariable :

This is one method to access the result set’s values and print them :

For more information on PDO visit :

This is the easiest way to connect to SQLite using PHP.

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