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How To Create a cPanel Account in WHM

Approx. read time : 3 min

Watch this video for a step by step process on how to create a cPanel account in WHM

When it comes to Linux platformed hosting, WHM apparently stands as the best web based interactive control panel. With manifold functions it enriches the user’s experience and provides a hassle free console for server administration etc.

Amongst the numerous functions of WHM, creating individual cPanel accounts allows reseller, VPS & Dedicated server owners to sell out allotted disk space and generate revenues.

Let’s kick start with creating an account steps-by-step.

STEP 1: Log into the WHM interface.

STEP 2: On the right hand side pane, click the function that reads ‘Account Functions‘ and then click Create a New Account. The either way is to directly type in the query ‘Create a New Account‘ in the search box on the left hand side pane.


STEP 3: Now fill up the details one-by-one in order to create a new account. The details are briefly explained below.

Domain Information


Enter a registered/non-registered domain name as required along with a password of choice having strong alpha-numeric characters, or use the Password Generator feature to fulfill the purpose. DO NOT include WWW as prefix to the domain name. You can create a cPanel account for a subdomain as well.

Next, associate an email address to the account in order to receive account information.



You must create a package or packages to assign one to the new cPanel account. Packages need to be created from WHM itself by using the Add a Package function. If already created, select the one you want to assign from the drop down menu at Choose a Package.

If you don’t want it this way then tick the option Select Options Manually and under Manual Resource Options enter the asked values. Either save these values as a package or leave the option Save Manual Settings as a Package unchecked to discard.



Select a theme to assign from the drop down menu of cPanel Theme and select the appropriate language for the user from the drop down menu of Locale.

Reseller Settings


Alike you can make it a WHM account by ticking the box of Make the account a reseller. Reseller Settings option is available only for VPS & Dedicated server WHM.

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DNS Settings


The DNS Settings only apply if this server is going to be hosting DNS for this cPanel account.

A) Enable the spam prevention measures DKIM & SPF if you want this server to host email service for this account.
B) Use the nameservers specified at the Domain’s Registrar option configures nameservers for the domain. Leave this option unticked, server will use the default nameservers configured on the server itself. If you tick this option, WHM will assign this domain the nameservers specified at the registrar’s end.
C) Overwrite any existing DNS zones for the account setting overwrites any DNS zone files for this domain that might have been put on the server earlier.

Mail Routing Settings


This setting allows you to choose only one setting. Read the description of each by clicking more next to each option and choose the correct setting.

Automatically Detect Configuration setting shouldn’t be used if you opt to use this account for the domain’s email, instead go for the second setting Local Mail Exchanger as it is the perfect one for the mentioned condition.

STEP 4: Now that all the required details are filled in correctly, simply hit the Create button.

That’s it ! You’ll seen the screen as below confirming the account being created along with the cPanel login credentials and other details.


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