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How To Delete & Restore Pages In MediaWiki?

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You can delete or remove pages from MediaWiki when spammers create unwanted pages on your website. When you delete a page, the page is not deleted right away. MediaWiki removes the page from the website in case the page got deleted by accident. It is possible to restore the pages from the deleted pages list.

Steps for deleting a page

  • Login to MediaWiki.
  • Go to the page that you wish to delete.
  • Click on the drop down menu present on the right top corner of the page and click on ‘Delete’.
  • The page will display a message – Delete ‘the name of the page’?
  • Click on ‘Delete page’.

Note – you can restore the deleted pages later. Although the pages are removed from the website, the deleted pages can be restored again in case the page was deleted by accident.

Steps for restoring a deleted page

  • Login to MediaWiki.
  • Click on the ‘Special pages’ option on the left side of the sidebar.
  • Go to the ‘Page Tools’ section and click on ‘View deleted pages’.
  • You will find a section that says – ‘recent deleted pages’, in this section, find the page that was deleted and click on ‘view/restore’ option present in the deleted pages information.
  • The ‘restore revision’ option will be displayed for restoring the page. You will have to enter the reason for deleting the page in the reason text box.
  • Click on ‘Restore’.

MediaWiki will provide a confirmation that the page was successfully restored on the View and restore pages page.

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