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How to determine the WordPress Version?

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The article contains two methods for determining the current WordPress version.

Method #1 –

Using Administration Interface

Identifying the WordPress version using the administration interface is the easiest way. You can do so by following the procedure mentioned :

i) At the bottom of every page in the administration interface, you can see the WordPress version. The current version that you are using is shown by WordPress only.

ii) The newer WordPress version is displayed by default, in the At a Glance box on the main dashboard page, along with the current theme.

Method #2 –

Checking The Version.PHP file

In case the administration interface is not available or you are not able to log in, still, you can determine the WordPress version by checking the version.php file.

Perform the following steps to do so :

i) In the directory where you have installed WordPress, go to the wp-includes directory.

You can use any of the ways to do it –

  • By using SSH from the command line.
  • By using the file manager from cPanel
  • By using FTP client

ii) Now in the wp-includes directory, open the version.php file in a text editor or viewer.

iii) Identify the $wp_version variable. This variable’ value contains the correct version of WordPress.

Like example: the following value indicates that WordPress version 5.4 is installed :

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