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How To Disable cPHulk and Flush Blocked IPs By SSH

Approx. read time : 2 min

cPHulk Brute Force Protection, an essential security layer to spice up your WHM security. It’s characteristic blocks notorious IPs trying to enter your WHM with brute force. Additionally, cPHulk locks down IMAP/POP3 logins, FTP logins as well as SSH logins for IPs hitting the login failure attempts at the set rate.

At times, you may get locked out of WHM, and would be still able to reinstate the access by temporarily stopping cPHulk and flushing out its dbs with the help of SSH.

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NOTE: You require root access to carry out the following operations.

If you are blocked out of access to SSH, then access it from another IP.

By running the below given command you can temporarily cease cPHulk and access WHM.

/usr/local/cpanel/etc/init/stopcphulkd stop

You can flush cPHulk’s tables to wipe out all the blocked IPs by using the following commands. Click How To  for guide on deleting a single ip.

Here our concern lies with two tables namely, brutes & logins.

1. Log into your server with SSH and then MySQL

[root@yourserver /]#mysql

2. Connect to cPHulk’s MySQL database.

mysql> connect cphulkd

3. mysql>delete from brutes;

4. mysql>delete from logins;

5. mysql> quit

That’s all !