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How To Improve CS-Cart Website Performance?

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An efficient performance is important for every online store website. CS-Cart is a platform that is created taking optimization into consideration. However, there are some steps that you can take for improving your CS-Cart website performance and to make it even better.

Delete The Languages That You Don’t Need

Your first step towards improving your CS-cart website performance is to delete the languages on your website that are not in use. Note that for this task, your goal is to delete the languages not just disable them. Even at a later point of time, if you decide that you need the deleted languages, you can install them again.

  • Login to the CS-Cart admin panel.
  • Go to Administration > Languages > Manage Languages.
  • Select every language that you wish to delete and then click on – Delete Selected.
  • Click on OK, in the confirmation box.

Optimize The Database

Another step for improving the performance of your CS-Cart website is optimizing the database. This process recreates the data file and reclaims the space that is unused. The efficiency of this process depends on the amount of unused space available to be reclaimed.

  • Login to the CS-Cart admin panel.
  • Go to Administration > Backup/Restore.
  • Click on – Optimize database.
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