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How To Install CubeCart Through Softaculous?

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This tutorial provides steps for automated installation of CubeCart through Softaculous. This is an extremely easy process and it just needs just a few clicks.

Here are the steps for installing CubeCart:

  • Login to your cPanel account.
  • Go to the ‘Software and Services’ section and click on the ‘Softaculous’ icon.
  • The Softaculous system will open and all types of free applications that can be installed through Softaculous will be displayed. The applications will be classified according to their functions on the left side of the screen.
  • Enter ‘CubeCart’ in the search section and when it is displayed, click on it. When you click on the CubeCart icon, Softaculous will show an overview about this application.
  • Click on ‘Install’ for proceeding with the installation process.

The first section of the CubeCart installation will consist of Software Setup and you will be presented with the following options that you will have to configure:

  • Choose Protocol : You can select the protocol that can be followed for your new CubeCart installation. If you don’t have an SSL certificate installed for your domain name, do not use the HTTPS protocol. If you want the HTTPS protocol, you need to purchase and activate the SSL certificate for your domain name first.
  • Choose Domain : Choose the domain for which you want the CubeCart installation. In case you have any addon domains or sub-domains for your account, you can select them through this option.
  • In Directory : This option enables you to install the CubeCart application in a subfolder present in your account. If you don’t want to use a subfolder, you can leave this field blank.
  • Database Name : Set the name of the database for your website.

The second section is about the ‘Store Settings’, here are the options you have:

  • Store Name : Enter the name of the new store.
  • Store Address : Enter the store’s physical address.

The third section consists of ‘Database Settings’.

  • Table Prefix : Assign a prefix for the tables for your new CubeCart installation. If you are using an already existing database that has data in it, you can set a prefix for the CubeCart installation. This will enable you to easily view the information in it.

The fourth section presents the ‘Admin Account’ of your website. This is a crucial section as the admin account user will have the complete control and the admin user will enable the other users to edit and manage the website. You need to keep a note of these aspects:

  • Admin Username : Enter the username of the admin user.
  • Admin Password : Enter the password of the administrative user.
  • Real Name : Enter the real name of the admin user for the new website.
  • Admin Email : Enter the email address of the admin username.

When you are done adjusting all the parameters mentioned above, click on ‘Install’. It might take a few minutes for the installation to get completed.

Once the installation process is complete, a successful installation message will be displayed. This message will also feature the administrative URL along with the URL for accessing the front end of your website. Note these details for future reference.

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