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How To Install Java Application From Plesk?

Approx. read time : 2 min

On a Windows Plesk server, it isn’t possible to browse .jsp files directly the way we access .php files. You will have to compile a .war file & deploy it on server. You can do it yourself from the Plesk control panel once your .war file is ready to be deployed.

Login to your Plesk panel & access option Domains. Select the domain name for which you wish to deploy the .war file.

Click on Web Applications which falls under Application & Services.

Here, it will show 3 options. Web Applications, Java Applications & Applications. Select Java Applications as we have to deploy .war file and allow server to serve .jsp pages.

Click on Install Java Application to upload the .war file. You can also switch the application to On OR Off whenever needed.

Browse the .war file from your local machine and upload. It will get deployed on the server and .jsp pages will be served under your domain.

This feature is available with all our shared windows hosting plans.


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