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How to Protect WordPress Page using Password?

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Watch this video that provides steps to protect WordPress Page using password

This article guides you on how to password protect the WordPress page.

Why password protect is required for a WordPress page?

You can protect a WordPress page with a password so that the general public will not be able to view it.

This helps in preventing most humans from being able to easily find or view your site’s content. This is mostly carried out to protect some of the sensitive information present on a site’s page.

This method does not limit the page from being indexed by search engines, and also, it does not encrypt the page’s content.

# Steps to protect WordPress page using password :

1. Login to WordPress as an admin.

2. You get this WordPress dashboard.

3. On the left side, go to posts and click on Add new button.

4. Now write a post.

5. Then click on the publish button

6. After clicking on the publish button, under visibility you get 3 options public, private, and password protected.

7. Select the third option which says Password-protected and in the text box type the password.
(Make sure the password you enter is alphanumeric)

8. Click on the publish button.

9. Click on view post, now you can see, this content is password protected.

10. Type your password and click on the enter button. As you can see the content gets displayed.

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