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How to reset admin password of Dolphin – Smart Community Builder – BoonEx Group?

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Dolphin – Smart Community Builder is widely used software platform for building vibrant custom social networks and online communities.

If you forget the admin password, you have to perform 2 SQL queries to reset it. Access phpMyadmin for your account & select the database used for your Dolphin Community Builder. By default the ID for admin user is 1 when it is installed.

UPDATE Profiles SET Salt = CONV(FLOOR(RAND()*99999999999999), 10, 36) WHERE ID=’1′;

UPDATE Profiles SET Password = SHA1(CONCAT(md5(‘NEW-PASSWORD’), Salt)) WHERE ID=’1′;

If you wish to reset the password for user other than admin, change the ID from 1 to the one assigned to that user.

Make sure you find the file user1.php and delete it before logging with new password. It holds the User’s cache.

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