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How to Import and Export Emails through Webmail?

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Watch this video for a step by step process on how to import and export emails through webmail

MilesWeb offers three different webmail clients (Horde, RoundCube and SquirrelMail) for viewing and managing your email accounts. In this article, you will learn the process of importing and exporting emails in Horde.

Important Note: From the three webmail clients, only Horde enables you to import and export emails.

Emails can be imported in any folder including the Inbox. But you might find it easy to manage if you create a separate folder for imported mail. For example, for keeping all mails exported from another host independent from your existing mail structure.

Steps to Import Email via Horde

Note: The email file format is .mbox or .eml that is to be imported into Horde. Unzip your file first if you get a .zip file.

1. Log into your webmail account.
2. Go to the folder into which you want to import messages and right-click on it.
3. Click on Import from the options.

4. In the pop-up, browse the file that you want to import and click on OK.

5. You will get a successful import in a green message bar with details.

If the import fails, it will display a red error bar. This error occurs when you try to import a zipped or corrupted file.

Steps to Export Email via Horde

You should create backups of important email folders, and Horde’s export function will help you to do this readily.

1. Log into your webmail.
2. Go to the folder from which you want to export messages and right-click on it. Suppose you want to export your inbox emails, right-click the Inbox icon in the left menu.
3. Click on Export from the options.

4. In the pop-up, select if you want to download the unzipped file or zipped file.

Note: If you download a zipped file, you will need to extract the file, copy and paste it into your folder.

5. Then click on OK after selecting the file format.

Note: You will not get any success message with the export function. The .mbox or .zip file will be downloaded in downloads folder as per your browser settings.

In this way, you can easily import and export emails through Webmail.

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