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Learn to configure OpenSRS access for WHMCS

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The article explains to you how to configure OpenSRS access for WHMCS.

# Steps to configure OpenSRS access for WHMCS

OpenSRS integration is easily supported by WHMCS. In order to set up this configuration, you need to follow some additional steps so that WHMCS can access your OpenSRS account. Perform the following steps to do this :

1. If you haven’t done this before, then set up OpenSRS registrar integration in WHMCS. You can find more information about it at

2. Now, open a support ticket from MilesWeb’s Helpdesk. In the ticket, you need to mention a request that MilesWeb Hosting unblocks the firewall for ports 55000 and 55443 for the IP address range

3. Once you have received a notification from MilesWeb Hosting mentioning that your server’s firewall has been opened for the specified ports, whitelist the server IP address in your OpenSRS account. Perform the following steps to do this :

• Log in to the OpenSRS account.

• Locate Profile Management and under it, click on Add IPs for Script/API Access.

• On the Script/API Access page, enter the server IP address for your WHMCS installation, and then click on Add Rule.

4. You will now be able to access your OpenSRS account from WHMCS.

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