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How to Check Website Visit Statistics in Plesk?

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Watch this video for a step by step process on how to check website visit statistics in Plesk?

This article explains how to view website statistics using Plesk. To do this for the first time, you need to choose which statistics tool you want Plesk to use. Only after setting a tool, the statistics can be seen.

# Steps to set up statistics tool for your website

This procedure needs to done once i.e. only for the first time.

1) Log in to your Plesk account.

2) On the left-hand side of the panel click on Websites and Domains.

3) On of the Websites and Domains screen, click on the Hosting Settings icon.

4) On the Hosting Settings screen, scroll down to the Web scripting and statistics section.

5) At the bottom of this section click on the drop-down box and choose either the Webalizer or AWStats option. Both these tools can provide the full-fledge and useful website statistics.

Note: Both Webalizer and AWStats collect, collate, and display website statistics in different ways. For more information to make your choice, you can read about them at Webalizer and AWStats.

6) Now, click on OK to save your choices.

7) In case you want to change your selected statistics tool, then simply follow this process again and choose a different option from the dropdown box.

# Steps to view your website statistics

1) Log into your Plesk account.

2) On the left-hand side of the panel click on Statistics.

3) After that click on Web Statistics and then click on View for the domain whose statistics you wish to view. In a new window, you can see the statistics.

Isn’t that easy?

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