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Managing Your Backup in Reseller Hosting

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When you as a reseller manage your clients’ accounts (child account), you may see that some clients are using more backup space than others. Though all accounts share the available storage, you can adjust the allotted disk space.

For instance, if you have 10GB space available and one child account is using it completely, there won’t be any storage space left for other child accounts to create backups.

To avoid this to happen, you can apply limits to each account. With this, your other accounts can have space for backups.

How to View Backup Usage?

In this, you will learn to view the amount of space each child is using. Due to this, you will be able to determine the space that should be assigned to each one.

  • Log into cPanel for the primary Reseller account.
  • In the Files section, click the Backup Manager link.

  • Go to the Child Accounts tab.

  • It will display the list of your child accounts. Navigate to the Current Backup Usage section, view the amount of disk space each account is using.

How to Increase Backup Limit?

You know the amount of space used by each account now, so, let’s check the ways to increase the backup limit. For instance, if one account is exceeding the 5GB limit and another is only using 1GB, you can increase the available space for the larger account.

  • In cPanel, click on the Backup Manager.
  • Next click the Child Accounts tab.
  • You will see the current Backup Limit, besides the child account. Using the arrows you can increase the Backup Limit or enter a new value.

  • Remember that the total amount of space assigned between all child accounts can’t exceed the Backup Limit of the parent account.
  • In order to save your new backup limit, click on Apply Backup Limits button.
  • When you see a green “applied” message, you are done with the process.

Now, you have learned to view backup usage and increase the backup limit for Reseller accounts. If you aren’t a MilesWeb customer you can sign up on our Reseller Hosting page.

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