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How to Monitor the Services on your Server from WHM?

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As a user with administrative authority, you can observe the activity of the services on your server. You can do so by checking their status on the WHM panel.

To Monitor your Server’s Services

1. Log in to the WHM panel with your root account.

2. Go to the navigation menu and select the Server Status option.

Here, you can see the tools and applications that allow you to check/monitor various aspects of your hosting server.

3. Click on Service Status.

The Service Status application will allow you to check up on the current state of the services running on your server.

The list of all the services currently running on your server will appear. To make it easier to understand, the list has different sections for the services:

  • Server Information
  • System Information
  • Disk Information

You can check the details like versions, status, memory load, etc. for the services.

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