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How to Resolve the Node.js Application Error: “Cannot GET” URL?

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In this article, you will get solution to a problem that may occur when you are running a Node.js application using cPanel’s Node.js Selector.


A Node.js application can be created using cPanel’s Node.js Selector. When you try to view a page generated by the application, you get the below error message:

Here, url means the path you are trying to view.


Phusion Passenger is used by the Node.js Selector to manage Node.js applications. When an application is created in the Node.js Selector, the value in the Application URL text box is used by the Passenger to create the root path. For example, suppose the Application URL text box is set to myapp, then the root path for the application is “/myapp” and not “/”.

Note: This is a completely different behavior from most other web environments, where “/” is typically the root path.


For resolving this issue, it is important to include the application URL in the routes. The below code sample represents the way of using the popular Express web application framework. Here let’s assume that the Application URL text box in cPanel’s Node.js Selector is set to myapp:

Here, two routes are defined, /myapp and /myapp/test. Suppose your domain name is, and you use your web browser to view or, the pages get loaded as expected. But, if you visit any other URL under, you get the Cannot GET error message.

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