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How to Park a Domain on a WHM Server?

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Watch this video for a step by step process on How to Park a Domain on a WHM Server

A parked domain is an alias or secondary domain pointing to the primary domain of a user. The idea is simple: a user browsing a parked domain’s website will get redirected to the primary website. This article will show how you can park a domain on your WHM server.

To Park a Domain

1. Log in to your root account of WHM.

2. Select DNS Functions from the navigation menu.

3. Click on Park a Domain.


Here, you get to see the simple interface of the Park a Domain tool.

Follow these steps to park a domain:

  • Select the primary domain from the Domain to park on top of menu.
  • Enter the Alias or domain to park in the Domain to park field.
  • Click on Submit.

The system will submit your request and display a success message saying it has successfully parked the domain.

Note: When you park a domain, it is advised you register its domain name immediately. It will be perfect if you do that before visitors try to access it.

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