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How To Prevent The Brute Force Attack

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Brute force attack is very different from normal hack attempts and can be equally dangerous for many people. Here the hackers do not use any kind of special arrangements to hack the system but they try to use the combination of different usernames and passwords till they get the access of the details. Those who use simple passwords like ádmin, ‘123456’, and ‘password’ etc. are dangerous as they can be guessed very easily. Here we are discussing some ways through which we can prevent brute force attack.

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Change Username & Password:- Some people use ádmin’as their username. Do not use such kinds of simple username. Moreover your password should be complicated so that nobody would be able to access it easily. It is also safe to keep a second layer protection as it will help you to protect the data safely.

Account Locking System:– It is better to use account locking system. There are options through which you can lock the complete system after entering the wrong password after the specified number of attempts. The most common attempts are 3 to 5. If a user enters the wrong password then the locked system can be unlocked only after completing the entire process.

Add Pauses:- It is also a good process to keep the system safe. Add random pauses while checking the password. It can be an effective solution for this issue. You can add few seconds or minutes as per your choice and it can be highly beneficial to prevent these unwanted attacks.

URLs:– You can add special URLs to open your website details. It will prevent others to access the data from the same page which can be valuable to protect the identity. Many people like to use unique URLs. Now any other user will not be able to know the contents. It is one of the main things as hackers will not be able to access any of your data from the same login page.

Codes:- Different kinds of codes like CAPTCHA codes can be highly beneficial to provide the additional safeguard. If you are using a CAPTCHA code along with specified number of login attempts then you can shield the identity. It is a helpful technique.

Apps:- You can find certain types of apps which can support your system to prevent the data theft. A little research will tell you which apps can help you to protect all of your data. You will be informed immediately if something unusual happens to your details.

In general we have to use the latest techniques to defend all the information. Brute attack should not be taken lightly in any case. Nobody wants to lose data. Therefore these small steps can certainly assist you to stay safe. Never provide any of your sensitive information to anyone. If you do so then you are compromising with the security of your own system. Brute attacks are on the rise. Therefore consider all measures to stay secure.

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