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Simple Steps for Remote Usage of the cloudlinux-selector Utility

Approx. read time : 2 min

Since JavaScript has become one of the most popular programming languages, there is a great demand for Node.js hosting from customers. The CloudLinux Node.js Selector allows to host the JavaScript apps using Node.js 6, 8 or 9.

So, let’s see the remote usage of the cloudlinux- selector utility.

1. Firstly, you will need to create an application via UI or with the command as below:

2. Next, on the local machine, set up project mapping on the local machine with the created remote application /home/<USER_NAME>/<APP_NAME> (Preferences → Deployments → Add).

3. Then set up the the cloudlinux-selector’s remote commands of (Preferences → Remote SSH External Tools → Add) for the following actions:

  • Restart application;
  • Install packages;
  • Run script;
  • Change Node.js version for the application.

You can check for the app’s working at http://DOMAIN/APPLICATION_URL

Restart the application to apply the changes.

This way you can remotely use the cloudlinux-selector utility.

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