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How To Restore Files/Folders With The Files Backup Restore Tool In cPanel?

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Clients can restore their files and folders through daily backups feature of cPanel. This facility can be accessed through cPanel > Files > Backup Restore Tool.

cPanel Backup

In order to restore a backup, access the tool and as soon as the next page loads, the backup dates available for your hosting account will be displayed. Select the preferred date and press the “Browse” button present next to the date option.

After this, you can browse through the backup and select the files and folders that you would like to restore.

After selecting the respective files and folders, 3 options will be displayed at the top bar:

Restore Selected : This option will restore the files and folders that you have selected to your hosting account. This process takes some time and once it is completed, the files and folders will be restored from the backup date. It is important to take note that the old files will be overwritten.

Download Selected : This option will enable you to download the selected files or folders to your PC.

Send Selected To Agent : With this option you can restore the selected files and folders to the home folder of your hosting account. The files and folders will be restored in a compressed format for future use. In future, when required, you can restore the website through these files and folders or download them.

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