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How to Set Limit to Attachment Size for Roundcube on Plesk Server?

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Altering the maximum size for the attachment is necessary if you can’t send any attached documents via email. Plesk admins can set a memory limit to the attachment size for their Webmail accounts for Roundcube.

To Set Limit to Attachment Size

1. Connect to your Linux server via SSH.

2. Edit the directory /etc/psa-webmail/roundcube/php.ini and enter these settings:

3. Open the /usr/share/psa-roundcube/config/ file.


Note: The value you mention here should be 33% higher than the value you set as the limit.

Moving on, these changes should reflect on all domains. It is why you have to modify the templates.

4. Create a new directory for the custom templates for webmail:

5. Enter/copy this template to the directory:

6. Edit the FcgidMaxRequestLen directive in the custom template with the value specified in Bytes. (For example: 256MB= 268435456 Bytes)

To finish things off, apply these changes within the template of all webmail accounts.

7. Run the command:

With this, you can easily set a memory limit to the attachment size for all Webmail accounts for Roundcube.

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