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How To Set And Manage Email Forwarders In cPanel?

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You can easily set and manage mail forwarders by logging into your cPanel.

Below mentioned are steps for adding an email forwarder:

Step 1: In order to access the forwarders menu, click on the Forwarders option under the EMAIL Section on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

Email Forwarders

Step 2: Click on Add Forwarders.

Add Forwarders

Step 3: Enter the relevant name for the email address you wish to forward from in the first blank field.

cPanel Forwarder Name

Step 4: You can choose the email address to which the incoming mail should be forwarded. Another option is to choose a failure message that will be returned to the sender.

cPanel Forwarder Email Address

cPanel Forwarders Failure Message

Step 5: If you go to Advanced Options, you can choose to forward the message to a system account, you can either pipe it to a program or discard the forwarded mail.

cPanel Email Forwarders Advanced Options

Step 6: Click on Add Forwarder button to add the forwarder.

cPanel Email Add Forwarder

Step 7: In order to delete the forwarder, you only have to click on the Delete button.

This completes the process of setting and managing email forwarders. While adding the forwarders, make sure that you have spelled both the email addresses perfectly.

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