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How to Set the Max Emails Per Hour Setting in WHM?

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We offer unlimited email accounts on our shared hosting accounts. Though this seems to be good thing, it can have a bad effect if your account gets hacked and is used to send thousands of spam emails or if there is a client on your server that decides to spam. This will lead to high CPU usage, decreasing the server’s performance and also affect other legitimate emails that try to leave the server. Check the below steps to set the hourly limit for your server.

Log into your WHM account.

On the left hand sidebar, search for the Account Functions category and click on the Modify An Account option.

With this, you will get a list of account on the server, you can select the account you want to work with and click the Modify button at the bottom.

You will now be taken to a list of options for the selected account. Go down until you see the option Maximum Hourly Email by Domain Relayed. Ensure that by default, the Unlimited radio button is selected. Choose the radio button besides the second field and enter the maximum number of emails you want to allow the domain to send.

Here we have taken the standard 250 emails.

Click on the Save button at the bottom to confirm and activate the new setting. The cPanel account is now set to the limit you have assigned.

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